09 July, 2010

fall of leaves… Translation

A translation of the song “fall of leaves…” by Juka. It was originally released as the B-side on the single “SAINT CROIX” and then added to his “Seventh Sense Best Album”. A very quiet, sweet and sad song, extremely beautiful.

Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Juka and his label, Sherow Artist Society.







きっと    いつまでも
過ぎ行く目々の空間が    あたりまえになっていたね
Kitto Itsumademo
Koko ni irareru you na ki ga shita
Sugiyuku meme no kuukan ga Atarimae ni natteita ne
Surely, forever...
It felt like we need to stay here forever.
As it passed through my eyes, I saw how it needed to become.


ずっと     いつまでも
幸せな二人の時は    想い出になってしまったね
Zutto Itsumademo
Egao ni fureteitakatta
Shiawase na futari no toki ha Omoide ni natteshimatta ne
Forever, eternally...
I wanted to touch that smiling face.
I recalled the time that we were happy together without meaning to.


時が経てば経つ程    流した涙は枯れてゆくけど
心を締め付ける想い    君のぬくもり忘れない
Toki ga tateba tatsu hodo Nagashita namida ha kareteyuku kedo
Kokoro shimetsukeru omoi Kimi no nukumori wasurenai
Time passes, and as it does my tears will dry, but
The feelings that press hard in my heart won't forget your warmth.


永遠に君だけは     僕が守ってあげたい
Boku no ude no naka ja nakute mo
Eien ni kimi dake ha Boku ga mamotte agetai
Sonna kawanu yumemonogatari wo samayoi* egakitsuzuke...
You aren't in my arms, but
You alone in my forever are what I want to protect.
I continue to coldly paint that dream-tale that cannot be granted....


ずっと    果てしなく
迪り着かないはずだった    終着点を迎えたね
Zutto Hateshinaku
Tsuzuku michi ga arundeitakatta
Tatoritsukanai hazu datta Sayonara** wo mukaeta ne
Forever unending...
I wanted to keep walking that neverending road.
I went out to see the goodbye that shouldn't have come.


Kogarashi ni fukarenagara
Nagashita namida ha karehateru kara
Breathing out into the cold wintery wind,
My tears that fell are drying.


舞い散る木の葉と重ね    舞い散る雪を見よう
Maichiru konoha to kasane Maichiru yuki wo miyou
Piled in the leaves that fall dancing from the trees, let's watch the snow that dances down.


二度と逢えない    そう解っていても
Tooku hanareteyuku keredo
Eien ni dare yori mo kimi wo omotteiru kara
Nidoto aenai Sou wakatteitemo
You've left me and are going far away, but
I will think of you more than anyone else for all eternity.
I can't meet you again. I understand that, but...


"I love you."


永遠に君だけは    僕が守ってあげたい
Boku no ude no naka ja nakutemo
Eien ni kimi dake ha Boku ga mamotteagetai
Sonna muimi na ude ha
Ima mo yume wo egakitsuzuke...
You aren't in my arms, but
You alone in my forever are what I want to protect.
That nonsensical ability is
Now continuing to paint out my dreams...







*The word “samayoi” (“cold”) is not included in the written lyrics.
**The kanji has no literal meaning together, meaning basically “the end point” when read separately, but Juka sings “sayonara”


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Thank you so much! These are so sweet, I love it that he has good lyrics. I listened to him for so long having no idea, hahaha....

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thanks for the translation of this song =)

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wow... amazing! i totally love this song! so meaningful wid such beautiful words...

did Juka write the lyrics?

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by the way, is there any way you could use the translation of this song at it would be really helpful to other Juka's fans. ^__^

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