31 January, 2010

Serenade Translation

The most beautiful, emotional song Versailles has produced, from their new album “JUBILEE”, which dedicated to their deceased bassist Jasmine You. Without fail, I cry every time I listen to it.

Watching the PV, you’ll see it’s filmed in a place that is basically just a pure, beautiful, unadulterated white. In Japan, white is the colour of mourning (rather than the traditional black elsewhere). It’s something that not many people know, but for those that do, it just adds more to the sadness that already pervades the music.

Please do not steal this translation or use without my permission. All rights belong to Versailles and its label Sherow Artist Society.

Rest in peace, Jasmine You. “It’s all right, you can sleep now, because I can walk on my own.”



眠られない夜が続く あなたに会いたい
途切れて夢を現つ うたかたの願
Nemurenai yoru ga tsuzuku Anata ni aitai
Togirete yume wo utsutsu Utagata no negai
The night where I cannot sleep goes on... I want to see you.
Reality interrupts my dream... my ephemeral wish.

Utagau koto mo naku te wo tori
Futari aruitekita kono michi
Ne, yakusoku shita yo ne?
We took no suspicions with us
On the road we walked.
Hey... we had a promise, right?

どうしてもういないの? 今すぐ貴方に会いたい
"Donna ni ookina kabe mo, futari de koete yukou"
Doushite mou inai no? Ima sugu anata ni aitai
"No matter how high the wall, we crossed over it."
Why are you not here anymore? I want to see you, right now...

閉ざしたままの心 全てが怖くて
どこまで行けばいい? もう歩けないよ
Tozashita mama no kokoro Subete ga kowakute
Doko made yukeba ii? Mou arukenai yo
To a heart that's closed off, everything is frightening
So how far should I go? I can't walk anymore...

夢に会いえるから夢を見て また消え行く残像
Yume ni aieru kara yume wo mite Mata kieyuku zanzou
Sou, nagareboshi no you ni
Because I met you in a dream, even as I watch, the afterimage will disappear
Yes, just like a falling star...

眩しい光は止めた 夜空を紕う涙
心の鍵になって 閉ざした扉を開いて。。。
Mabushii hikari ha yameta Yozora wo mayou namida
Kokoro no kagi ni natte Tozashita tobira wo hiraite...
That brilliant light has stopped, the night sky sheds confused tears
They turn into the key to my heart, and the locked door opens...

Itsuka anata ni aieru nara, Iitai
If I can meet you again someday, I want to tell you...:

「ありがとう もう眠てて 独で歩けるから」
"Donna ni ookina kabe mo, futari de koetekita ne."
"Arigatou, mou nemutete, hitori de arukeru kara."
"No matter how high the wall, we crossed over it."
"Thank you, you can sleep now, because I can walk on my own."

あなたと見ていた夢を 心の鍵に変えて
必ずこの夜空に いつか朝を連れて来よう
Anata no miteita yume wo Kokoro no kagi ni kaette
Kanarazu, kono yozora ni itsuka asa wo tsuretae
The dream I saw with you changes my heart to a key
Surely, someday, the night sky will bring the dawn with it

Ah...誰もが胸に隠す 心の傷へと響け
閉ざした門を抜けて 届け音よ闇を照らして
Ah... daremo ga mune ni kakusu Kokoro no kizu he to hibike
Tozashita mon wo nukete Todoke oto yo yami wo terashite
Ah... I hide everyone in my chest, to remain there with the wounds in my
I escape from the closed gates; Sounds that reach me, illuminate the darkness.


Anthony said...

This is a really great translation. Thanks for sharing this to everyone. :D

Anonymous said...

that is an amazing song, and it makes me cry too. such a sad loss

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