28 January, 2010

JUBILEE Liner Notes

A translation of the notes made by the members of Versailles at the end of the booklet. A sense of beautiful reminiscence and a determination to continue on through everything pervades.


“This album JUBILEE is a posthumous work for Jasmine You. We sincerely pay him and his work the greatest respect.”




JUBILEE Liner Notes – Versailles





This album is a work in which we included You-kun in the five members that completed it.
Though I can't say everything I wish to express by myself,
We can call this album a normal album,
But it is so difficult and complicated to classify it so. It is a pure work
That I am proud to have finally finished.





From this work, I feel I've attained a high spirit.
Five members played and got this far, and I want everyone to be aware of,
And freely experience, our thoughts and emotions. And we entrust those emotions to you,
And it is my hope that you will feel the purity yourself.





We overcame incredible sadness, and this albums is the completion of the
feelings of five people.
From here on, I've set my sights on a new realm, and it is my intent to
Seek more high-technicality and hard sound.
Please notice how our sound is our artwork.





To Versailles, this work that we have been able to accomplish while accepting reality
Is something that we will never forget.
Until now, with all the bad things, in addition to arranging, every member's
approach has
Been drawn out to the extreme, and I want this album to be understood in
that way.


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