01 January, 2008

モノクローム・ファクター Monochrome Factor


Story and Art by Sorano Kairi

Nikaidou Akira encounters a strange man named Shirogane, who, during an attack by strange shadow creatures, convinces Akira that in order to protect the balance of light and dark, he must become a “Shin”, one of the darkness. Pulled into a conflict between light and dark, Akira seeks to discover the hidden truth behind his existence and the reason for their battles.


Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 46

Volume 6: The Sorano Group Workplace Manga

Volume 7: Naze? Naze? Neeze!! - Athletics with Everyone!


Anonymous said...

thanx so much ^_^!!

Anonymous said...

um , may I ask u why there's such a big change in Kairi sensei's drawing-style :( I love the old style so much :( althought the anime seems dont have an amazing story like manga , but , i love the way they kept the drawing-style almost like the manga :( too sad that it just has 24 eps :((

and sorry for my bad english :( I'm vietnamese :( and by the way , I also love Gaze so much :D I always keep thinking about cosplay Ruki-san someday XD ( well , just thinking ==! )

ps : thanks for these extras :D it's so cute XD

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