01 July, 2014

午後のささやき Translation

A translation of Malice Mizer’s “Gogo no Sasayaki” from their album “memoire”.

Please do not steal this translation or use it publicly without crediting me. All rights belong to Malice Mizer and their label Midi:Nette.











あぁ 煙の向う側 手招きしている無数の影
邪魔しないでおくれ理性 うずきだしている本能
Aa Kemuri no mukou hata Temaneki shiteiru musuu no kage
Jama shinai de okure risei Uzuki dashiteiru honnou
Ah, beyond the smoke, countless shadows are beckoning.
Please don't stop me, reason. My instinct aches.


この儀式を さぁ始めよう
Awasekagami no zutto oku kara tsuzuku
Kono gishiki wo Saa hajimeyou
It continues up from the continuing depths of the opposite mirrors.
Now, let's start this ceremony.


舞台は雲の上 犠牲は二人の過去
呪文は囁き 願は永遠の愛
Butai ha kumo no ue Gisei ha futari no kako
Jumon ha sasayaki Negai ha eien no ai
The stage is above the clouds, and the sacrifice is our past.
Whispering the spell, my wish is for eternal love.


太陽が微笑んでいる 二人を哀れむ様に
空の果てから微笑んでいる 二人の愛も空の果
Taiyou ga hohoendeiru Futari wo awaremu you ni
Sora no hate kara hohoendeiru Futari no ai mo sora no hate
The sun is smiling, as if to pity us.
It smiles from the edge of the sky, and our love, too, is there.


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