05 July, 2013

crystal scherzo Annoucement #11 + UPCOMING

Heyyyyy so you guys remember how like six months ago I said that I would have a handle on my schedule?

Basically what happened was, I graduated in December and I thought I had a job lined up in January, but it didn't go through. I've been in and out of employment the last few months and finally got a steady one the beginning of last month, but then had to start moving.

So as you see, I never really had time to get a hold of a schedule I didn't have.

Fortunately now I think everything is finally settling down now that I have a good job (bonus: I work from home most of the time) and I'm in my new place, so I should be able to actually get a steady stream of translations going again. Since I'm working from home, that means I have access to all my materials as I work, so when things are slow I can be translating, etc.

It was my goal to have 120 translations done by the end of the year, and since I got so far ahead during my unemployment time, I'm still more or less on track for that. I still intend to reach that number. Just so you can get a feel for how I'm doing, here's how things currently look on my end:

Lareine: 33/74 posted, 26/74 in process.
Asriel: 5/~150 posted, 42/~150 in process.
Malice Mizer: 5/39 posted, 15/39 in process.
XOVER: Transcribing.
VII-Sense: Transcribing.
Rose Noire: 1/?? posted.

I’ve stated on my Twitter that VII-Sense will likely be pulled or postponed until I have access to scans or their lyrics. I own “Cell division”, so I can do those three pieces, but that will be it until I have readable kanji lyrics. The same is with Rose Noire. I know at least a few of their songs are in Japanese, but as I do not have access to lyrics, I cannot translate what I have for them. Therefore, I am no longer counting them on my list, though I will do what I can with what I have for them.

I am caught up with Matenrou Opera and two shy of being done with the GazettE until their next releases - I have at least a month off with the Gazemen before FADELESS is released, and Opera, due to Yu's current leave, won't likely be putting anything out for awhile.

I also have a couple of bands that I have waiting in the wings that I'm planning on starting as soon as I finish up with a couple of the others.


 born colour logo3


Jupiter, formed by the four instrumental members of Versailles (HIZAKI, TERU, MASASHI, and YUKI) and their new vocalist Zin; and BORN (formerly D&L and Renny Amy), currently PS Company’s only indie band. I have a couple more lined up for when I’m further along, but I do intend to start posting for Jupiter as soon as I have the lyrics for their first release.

(On a side note: I mentioned it on my Twitter, but as of right now, I don’t know where I stand on working with the pieces from Kamijo’s solo project. It depends on how I’m feeling with what I’ve already committed to myself to take on, as well as some other personal things. Please do not ask about it or request him from me until I have made the decision.)

So sit down and buckle up, because hopefully there will be a regular incoming of translations starting again in the next few weeks!


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