20 May, 2012

Plastic cell Translation

A translation of Matenrou Opera’s “Plastic cell” from their EP “Gilia”. This song is from the view of someone who has lost one he loves (from the lyrics, perhaps his mother) and, unsure of what else to do, commits suicide so that he can be with her again. It’s a very sad depiction of society who pays no heed to the death of someone, but very touching in that someone that loves her mourns for her.

A plastic cell is, clearly, not an organic cell, but a manufactured organism meant to be sacrificed for scientific purposes. I believe the title reflects this sort of inorganic, uncaring, stock attitude portrayed by the society in the song… or perhaps the heroine’s despair at realising how she is small and insignificant that could have driven her to her suicide.


Please do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to Matenrou Opera and their label Sherow Artist Society.










足下の街を見下ろす あなたの身体が横たわり
Ashioto no machi wo miorosu Anata no karada ga yokotawari
Makka ni nagaredashita chi ga asphalt wo someteiku
I look down on the city below me, at your body laid out on its side,
Dying the asphalt with flowing, deep red blood.


Chihyou wo tataku ame no oto ga kikoeru
I can hear the sound of the rain that beats down upon the earth.


Michiyuku kasa ga ashi wo tomete anata no kao wo nozoita
Sonna ni kanojo no shi de kokoro odorimasu ka?
The umbrellas passing along their way stop by you and peer into your face.
"I wonder if she rejoicing in her death?"


街は流れ出す 僕だけを残して
Machi ha nagaredasu Boku dake wo nokoshite
Mou koko ni anata ha inai
They all pass by, leaving only me behind,
But you aren't here anymore.


声にならない 降り続ける雨 白く吐いた息が浮かんでは消えていく
取り残された感情が今 こんなにも こんなにも
あなたを求め 叫んでる
Koe ni naranai Furitsuzukeru ame Shiroku haita iki ga ukande ha kieru
Torinokosareta kanjou ga ima Konna ni mo Konna ni mo
Anata wo motome Sakenderu
In this ever-pouring rain that won't let me cry out, the white breath I let out floats up and disappears.
The feelings I still hold to are now like this, like this...
I search for you, screaming.


いつの間にか雨は上がり 灯りがともる
今 会いに行くよ あなたはきっと笑ってくれる
Itsu no ma ni ka ame ha agari Akari ga tomoru
Ima Ai ni iku yo anata ha kitto warattekureru
Before I knew it, the rain had put out the raised lamplights.
Now, I'm going to go to see you, and you'll definitely be there, smiling for me.


暖かな空 終わりは夕闇 濡れた風に抱かれて私は消える
この命はあなたと出会い 色を知った 意味を知った
Atataka na sora Owari ha yuuyami Nureta kaze ni dakarete watashi ha kieru
Kono inochi ha anata to deai Iro wo shitta Imi wo shitta
Me ni utsuru sora mo hikari mo
The end is the warm sky of dusk... wrapped in its wet wind, I'll disappear.
This life was for meeting you, for knowing colour, for knowing the reason
Of the sky and the light that were reflected in your eyes.


揺れて 揺れて 母の腕で私は眠る
揺れて 揺れて 流れ出す赤い血は
消えて 消えて 私からあなたを奪わないで
Yurete Yurete Haha no ude de watashi ha nemuru
Yurete Yurete Nagaredasu akai chi ha
Kiete Kiete Watashi kara anata wo ubawanai de
I sleep in my mother's arms, trembling, trembling,
Trembling, trembling, and the red blood pours out.
Disappear, disappear! I won't let you be taken from me.
It's disappearing,


Bokutachi no kono sekai ha
Our world.


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