18 October, 2010

13STAIRS[-]1 Translation

A translation of the GazettE's "13STAIRS[-]1" from their studio album "DIM". This song is a reaction to the rock genre, which Ruki says doesn't exist anymore. I believe this is due to the commercialization of the genre as a mere vehicle for money (the "center that is eaten by math formulas"). Ruki has said that 13 is "the end", so perhaps the song is saying that the true rock genre is almost dead (since it is 13 stairs - 1), and that we can't get it back.

Do not steal this translation or use it without my permission. All rights belong to the GazettE and their label PS Company.








退廃思想 浮世離れのGrave
Discrimination against music
The loser who was brainwashed
Taihai shisou Ukiyobanare no Grave
Discrimination against music
Gouhou no 13
The loser who was brainwashed
Ideology of degeneration... Grave of being disillusioned with this fleeting life.
Discrimination against music
Legal 13
The loser who was brainwashed




Commit suicide in with-it-ness
Right now…
In front of me!


You cannot understand my vulgar thought
It is a correct answer
It is your duty to train a slave waving a waist


Rotten buyer
Shame on you!
Commit suicide in with-it-ness
In front of me!


Rotten seller
Know yourself!
Commit suicide in with-it-ness
Before that…
Suck my dick


The industry has been already over
The red base
All the losers sing a hymn in hell
Enjoy a vulgar play


さぁ笑え 飛び降りれぬループ 数式に喰われた核
さぁ笑え まだやれるんだろう? 13まであと少し
Saa warae Tobiorirenu loop Suushiki ni kuwareta kaku
Saa warae Mada yarerun darou? 13 made ato sukoshi
So, laugh. This loop I cannot jump out of Is the center which is eaten by
math formulas.
Come on, laugh! Already done? It's a bit more until 13.


Can't get back
A loser of the uncontrollability
Enjoy a vulgar play


Can't get back


Anonymous said...

This is actually about the laws of prostitution in Japan. Unless the band explicitly said it's about the music industry? Because the whole 13 stairs concept doesn't really make sense in that context...

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