23 May, 2010

crystal scherzo – Announcement #4

I thought I’d drop in and just let you guys know a few things~. =3


1. There are new sections under “crystal scherzo” there on the sidebar. The Information page has the group members and responsibilities, including sources for where we get our manga for editing and translation. It also has a list of current projects, and when there are more in planning, those will also be listed. Also on that page are ways to contact us for any questions you may have.

There is also a rules page, containing basic guidelines. Please go here if you want information on hosting, distributing, translating etc. any of our releases! That goes for manga and text translations.


2. Text translations: I currently have only nine songs in the Versailles discography to translate. I will then keep up with songs as they are released (it sounds like they have been in the studio a lot as of late, hopefully this promises a new release sometime later this year). I will also be translating interviews in their JUBILEE scorebook and in tour pamphlets. If you are interested in those, I will start work on them once I finish up the last bits of translating for their discography.


3. Current status of manga projects: Number guilt 11 has been levelled, and 7/32 pages have been cleaned. Base translation has been completed – I’m waiting on word from hyrrence on her end. I’m hoping to have the rest of the pages cleaned and the Japanese translation refined by the end of the month.

Monochrome Factor chapter 42 is in for cleaning. Translation has not been started yet.




Between school and work and personal life, I’m hesitant to suggest even a tentative release date for either manga project, so please hang in with me until things are a bit more solid and I have more word from the other members on their status. We do thank all of you for your patience and understanding, and for your support. =)


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