03 December, 2009

crystal scherzo - Number, Guilt 06

crystal scherzo, my solo scanslation project, makes its first release: Guilt (chapter) 06 of Number, by Kawori Tsubaki.

Translation, image editing, and all that other jazz done entirely by me, but I must thank nocturneu of LiveJournal for acting as my scanner.

Since I'm acting completely solo, I can't promise it's amazing quality, but I did do my very best and I'm very proud of it.

You can read the chapter at MangaFox, or if you wish to download it, click on the "crystal scherzo" link on the sidebar and then go through "Number". :)

Hope you guys enjoy it~!


Anubis~ said...

I´m soooo happy! Number is a great manga and I had been waiting for reading more! I only saw scans but it´s totally difficult when you don´t know japanes T T [like me].

Thank you so much! Really~

Anonymous said...

Yay! I just read this manga today because it was on this site, and thanks for scanning it! xD I hope you upload more of this soon~!

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