01 February, 2009

Monochrome Factor Mini Drama - The Shadow of Shirogane Tower, Pt. 1

This is cross-posted from MonoRyuukou-Subs. Since I did the work I feel like it's okay to post the translation here, too. :3 You can listen along as you read. Enjoy!

Kengo: Aya sure is persistent! Day after day, she comes around bothering us. I wish she would just give up.

Akira: Mm. She is the authority.

Kengo: You said it!

Someone: It's over!

Kengo: Huh? What's that?

Monochrome Factor Character Song CD Mini Drama: The Shadow of Shirogane Tower.
Episode 1 - Shadow of Dusk
(TL Note: "Shirogane" means "silver" or "platinum"; literally read, it is "White Gold")

Someone: Congratulations! Second place is a Cyclone Vacuum!

Kengo: Wow! It's my first time seeing something like this!

Akira: Eh.

Kengo: It sure looks cool. First place is a flat-screen liquid crystal television, third place is a portable Gamekey...

Akira: Gamekey?

Kengo: Ah, speaking of that, I think I got a note from neechan. How embarrassing. Where was it...

Akira: Is this it?

Kengo: Ah!

Akira: I swiped it from you.

Kengo: Uh... no, I... that's...

Akira: How brave. Such a thing would usually make a man upset, right?

Kengo: Y-yes...

Someone: Here you go, one round!

Akira: Anyway, I just need to aim for third place...

Someone: It's done! He did it! And the prize, a meal at a top-class French restaurant!

Kengo: Amazing! Akira, you're amazing!


Kengo: Hey, it's a special invitation!

Akira. Eh.

Kengo: Um, "After making your way up the mountain, please stay for awhile in the white retreat, which was an embassy of the homeland in the Meiji Era, before continuing on to the restaurant..."

Akira: Tch.

Kengo: "Since it shines so beautifully in the moonlight, it has been named Shirogane Tower..."

Akira: Shirogane Tower?

Kengo: "... and has been transformed into a restaurant, as it is now, that is now highly thought of."

Akira: -sigh-

Kengo: "We are devoted to your satisfaction. For helping make us a success, we thank you for coming, and hope you enjoy your visit", it says.

Akira: -sigh-

Kengo: But, that was really cool, Akira! ...... What is this 'page' they're giving us?

Akira: -snort-

Kengo: Hey, come on, Akira!

Akira: Ah, shut up! Unless you're talking about the game, that is!

Kengo: What are we going to do about this?

Akira: About what?

Kengo: What you got from the lottery!

Akira: Wouldn't you like to go with your sister?

Kengo: But this is for you, Akira...

Akira: I'm not really interested.

Kengo: But, even so....

Akira: What now? If you want to go, just go.

Kengo: But we have to go at seven for it, right? That's the only requirement.

Akira: Oh.

Kengo: Oh, and they have a dress code, too! Amazing.

Akira: Then just go with your family.

Kengo: Um... but you see...

Akira: Hm?

Kengo: On this date, my parents are going to be on a luxury trip overseas.

Akira: Oh.

Kengo: So, I can't go with my family. You should come.

Akira: What?

Kengo: Since my family won't be around, won't you come with me to the restaurant?

Akira: I'll pass. French isn't really my thing.

Kengo: What? Then, what should I do?

Akira: How about Aya?

Kengo: Aya? Surely you don't mean that unreasonable prefect! I don't think French is her thing.

Akira: I see.

Kengo: Hmmm.... I got it!

Akira: Oh?

Kengo: We'll go!

Akira: With who?

Kengo: Akira, me, Kou-nii, and Shirogane-san!

Akira: Are you stupid?

Kengo: Eh?

Akira: Shirogane doesn't count. He's not human.

Kengo: O-oh... that's right... I'm sorry...

Akira: Guess you won't budge.

Kengo: Huh?

Akira: How about Master? I bet we can get him to come.

Kengo: Akira...

Akira: You call Kou-nii. I'll go see if Master will come.

Kengo: Akira! Thank you!!

Akira: Dorya!

Kengo: Guh...

Akira: Take this!

Kengo: OW!

Akira: Yes... at that time, we couldn't imagine it. The lesson we were about to learn from this free trip was only the beginning of the story. It was something that had to be seen to be believed...

P.S. Due to midterms, posting of episode screencaps has been put back a day or two. But you can enjoy the drama in its place. XP


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